Resist We Much

No Agenda Meetup

Monthly event - Open minds, open hearts, and friendly conversations.

Hosted by: Sir Robertson of Two Sticks

Date: Third Saturday of each month

Time: 1430 - 1630 PDT



This what3words address refers to a 3 meter square location. Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find it.

From the BHBC site: "This unique 6,000sqft good times destination features a large outdoor patio, live music, tasty food served all day every day, and a plethora of delicious BarrelHouse craft beers. With tons of safe parking, a family-friendly environment, and an abundance of food options, BarrelHouse is making the hottest place in Fresno even hotter!"

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Meetups canceled until further notice.

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Adam and John on sticks